Written by

Candace Gerlach


21st January 2021



2021 has arrived but sadly in the same guise as 2020, if not worse. The uncertainty of the pandemic and what it means for businesses continues to overwhelm us. 

But the news is depressing enough, so we’re here to keep things light and breezy. 

There is definitely hope, if we take the time to think about a way forward in today’s world. 

State of the nation 

The pandemic has forced us to think differently about many facets of our lives. The way we interact with other people, the amount of time we spend outside, new ways to keep the children entertained – to name but a few. 

But the way we buy and sell things has got to be the thing that’s changed more dramatically than anything else, as consumers and business owners. Love it or hate it, Amazon is clearing up. And for obvious reasons. 

Having a presence online and an easy way to do business with your customers, is absolutely critical. The pandemic we’re living through seems to have sped up the evolution of technology by what feels like 100 times over. Which is slightly scary but also super exciting for any business looking to adapt and pivot. Ultimately, having a greater acceleration towards a digital sales and marketing strategy is a must have. 

So how can you respond? 

By embracing the world of digital.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, selling your product or services online is really the only way to do business at the moment. And even when this mess is all over, we won’t go back to how it was. Not completely. Habits have changed and will continue for some time. 

Despite everything feeling different, all good marketing strategies need to start with the customer. And that will never change. It’s tempting to jump straight into tactical solutions so that your business is seen, but if you don’t know where your ideal customers are or how you best communicate to them – it won’t work. 

It’s pertinent for business owners to think about where their ideal customers are spending time online, what their needs are, how your offering can solve problems, what feeling do you want to leave them with? 

Here are some key things to consider when creating your digital marketing strategy, before you jump into action. There’s a need for this now more than ever, as the online space becomes increasingly more cluttered and overwhelming. 

  • Be clear on what you want to stand for 
  • Do your market research
  • Get the inside line on your competitors
  • Research your ideal customers, beyond demographics. What they care about, where they’re spending time
  • Be distinctive
  • Devise strategies that will make you more visible
  • Create an emotive, brand led digital experience 

If you’ve considered all of these areas when creating your digital marketing strategy, you’ve started in exactly the right pace and your execution will naturally be a smoother ride.