Written by

Candace Gerlach


26th June 2023



Let’s face it, we all wish we had more time  (and headspace) to juggle the demands of work and daily life. Enter the world of outsourcing, which as defined by The Oxford Dictionary, is “the process of paying to have part of a company’s work done by another company.” Often, marketing is the first thing to be cut or scaled back when the purse strings are tightened but in these extraordinary times, marketing has never been more important to gain and retain customers. Here we run through the top 10 benefits of outsourcing your brand, design and marketing needs. 

  • Global spending on outsourcing could hit $731 billion in 2023 (Market Splash)
  • The Global Sales And Marketing Business Process Outsourcing Market size is expected to reach $49.2 billion by 2028 (Global News Wire)
  • 42% of UK businesses outsource their marketing (2019 Onrec)
  • Two-thirds of B2B companies outsource a portion of their marketing. (Hubspot)

1. Cost effective

It’s no secret that outsourcing to a full-service marketing agency is much more cost-effective than hiring a full in-house marketing and creative team. Not to mention saving on payroll, facilities, space, computer equipment and training. Outsourcing to just pay for the work they need on a per-project or retainer basis can be a game-changer for businesses. The fact that you are only paying for what you really need is also brilliant for scalability, as you can increase the services you require to meet the needs of your business and cash flow.

2. Access to expertise

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we at CMG would argue that one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing to a marketing agency is the access you have to a bunch of talented and experienced professionals that have specialised skill sets. Let us bring your brand identity and values to life through creative designs and engaging marketing communications so you have time to focus on running your business. Small to medium-sized businesses with one individual tasked with marketing or a small team leading marketing initiatives, don’t always have the resources, specialist skills or experience needed to successfully grow your business.

3. Improved efficiency

Besides the obvious point of handing your marketing to an external team, a marketing agency can help streamline your strategies, processes and activity. Running a tight ship on your marketing activity improves activities and ensures a holistic 360 approach is taken and things are not forgotten or added to the “some time in the future” pile. With an agency, the turnaround times are likely to be much quicker than in-house – freeing you and your team up to focus on your core skills and operations whilst driving your business into the sunset of success.

4. Flexibility 

There is plenty of lingo that comes with the territory of marketing agencies but a few really do stick. Being “agile” in a time of flux and change is priceless. One of the many advantages of working with a small agency is that they are able to tailor their service to meet your business needs. Providing bespoke services enables agencies to work closely with businesses to truly understand their requirements and to meet their goals. A personalised element that is often lost with larger agency work. 

5. Increased scalability

Marketing and creative needs often change as a business grows. Outsourcing creative and marketing efforts means that you can adjust the services and scope to meet the needs of your business, not to mention the budget. There is no one size fits all and having an agency evolving alongside you can be a tremendous asset. They will help to keep your marketing communications up-to-date, your offer strong – and will position your brand consistently and positively in the market and in the eyes of your target customers.

6. Gain fresh perspectives

One of the biggest bonuses of working with an external team of talented specialists is that it brings fresh perspectives in the form of ideas, creation and implementation to drive your marketing efforts and business performance. Having another pair of eyes on things will likely bring about new ideas that your business had previously not considered. Exciting and effective marketing campaigns will also help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Marketing agencies typically work with an array of clients from different sectors and will often cross-pollinate ideas. Drawing from different industries can really bring in fresh perspectives and introduce new ways of thinking which can be adapted and utilised within any business. This is a huge benefit and a resource you would typically not have access to in-house.

7. Results

When you pay for a service you expect results. Working with an outsourced team means they are accountable for the marketing output through measuring and tracking your analytics and return on investment (ROI) and making sure you are getting results. Crafting a realistic marketing strategy tailored to your business needs and objectives is the road map to deliver real results. 

“Companies can be reticent about making new marketing investments because they’re not sure what the returns will be. A good agency, however, uses KPIs and technology to measure success in real-time and optimise upon what’s working while cutting down on what’s not. This is what maximises results and ROI.”

– Matt Engelson, Digital Marketing Manager at Sagefrog

8. Extension of your team

Rather than thinking of outsourcing as dumping your work externally, it’s beneficial to think of the marketing specialists as extensions of your team. Whilst they take much of the stress away, when you’re single-handedly trying to raise your profile and grow your business, it’s also a collaborative working relationship. Marketing agencies are used to dealing with issues when they arise and are quick to find solutions, a real game changer when the business is fast-paced and everyone is at maximum capacity.

9. Communication and support

Social media management, design, strategy and analytics aside, your external team often acts as a subjective sounding board to bounce ideas off. Making mistakes is part of the journey for many businesses and having other people you can trust to talk with who really understand your business is a lifeline. Marketing filters through almost every facet of your business and having support and communication with people that “get it” can really be an added bonus of outsourcing. The team implementing your marketing will also often act as a buffer and work directly with suppliers or negotiate deals and timelines on your behalf. 

10. Access to technology and latest trends

Finally, but by no means least, one of the top benefits of outsourcing your marketing is that creatives and marketers are constantly interpreting rising trends and new technologies and responding accordingly. Working across sectors and industries with a diverse client base typically means they have their finger on the pulse for what’s hot and what’s not. For example, social media is by nature evolving at a super fast pace with new algorithms, platforms and trends emerging constantly. Social media managers need to tailor their content creation accordingly to make sure their client is not only getting results but utilising the platforms in response to the changing landscape and best practices. 

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