Lodge Service

Lodge Service is the UK’s longest-standing family-owned security company and a consistent innovator in retail and business security solutions over a 100-year history.

With more than 900 personnel, Lodge Service operates in every major city in the UK and Ireland and across mainland Europe.


Lodge Service works with some of the biggest names in retail and being in operation for over 100 years, we knew there was plenty they were doing right. But the senior team felt that their communications were lacking in clarity and gravitas and having recently lost a tender, they reached out to CMG with a need to reposition themselves as a high-quality service provider of security and guarding – as well as improve brand recognition and grow business in two emerging markets – Ireland and South Africa.

“Our brand is quality, caring, consultative and diverse.”

They knew what they wanted to communicate but needed our help to do it.

Our Approach

Getting to know the team at Lodge we knew straight away that they were a passionate team who care deeply about their staff, their business and their customers but their comms was not telling that story. After an initial brand and comms audit, it was clear to see that they were using their social media platforms to mainly post ‘self-congratulatory’ content about their staff and any ‘good news’ stories they had, mostly from a personal viewpoint.

Following on from our comms audit and further industry and competitor research, we hosted a first “Brand Lab” session with the team to really understand their needs where our mantra is total honesty and transparency and an ‘anything goes’ mentality!

First steps were creating a clear brand identity and visual language for their social media – this would add gravitas and consistency to their communications on these platforms – helping to improve brand recognition and salience.

Building on this, we worked with the Lodge team to construct a credible tone of voice that they were all invested in – the team wanted a knowledgeable and credible but ‘conversational and friendly’ tone to all the communications – we have created guidelines and a clear lexicon with guidance on the language and specific terms and tropes used within their social media communications. 

This will help to build consistency and understanding of all their content, irrespective of which platform it is on.

We also created a reactive response solution for adding those quick wins and personal posts through a direct messaging platform. This means the CMG social media team and Lodge Service can quickly interact, share photos and information to post across their socials so that Lodge can continue publishing personal stories that build value and loyalty.

Our Approach

Since onboarding Lodge Services back in March we have built a consistent tone of voice and recognisable brand across their social media platforms.

CMG has consistently worked closely with Lodge Service to define their brand’s personality and create a style that will be used across all of their social media channels and additional communications, such as event stands and sales material.

CMG has developed an ongoing content strategy and social media calendar to help Lodge reach their target audience, as well as attract new followers. 

The content strategy includes a mix of educational, informative, and promotional content that is designed to engage (and sometimes entertain!) and inform their audience.

As a result of CMG’s work, Lodge Service has seen a significant increase in engagement on social media. It has enabled the brand to remain front of mind and has made new business and sales conversations much easier. They have been able to build relationships with potential customers and promote their services to a much wider audience.

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