London Rebel

London Rebel is a fashion-led online shoe brand for women who wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd. They offer a wide range of funky, stylish, and affordable shoes that are perfect for the style-savvy urban demographic who want to stand out from, not follow the crowd…

Through their online platforms, they offer a massive range of styles and looks – designed in-house, they have something for everyone. They pride themselves in their shoes being made with high-quality materials and construction, but not high prices – they are for everyone, and perfect for the fast-paced urban environment they are made for.

London Rebel work by CMG
London Rebel work by CMG


London Rebel initially approached The Conscious Marketing Group for our expertise in creating and managing engaging social media content that would improve brand awareness through engaging copywriting, and concepts while providing visual direction to support London Rebel’s in-house design team to ensure a holistic brand narrative across their social media channels

After initial meetings and our ‘brand lab’ discovery workshops with the senior team at London Rebel, they recognised our capabilities beyond social media management and expanded the scope of our partnership to include a comprehensive 360 audit of their complete brand communications, which would result in the development of a comprehensive brand playbook.


Our Approach

Ready to “Live Rebel! 

It would be an understatement to say that the ladies’ shoe market isn’t already a crowded space, so we needed to create a narrative for the brand that would help them cut through.

After a period of desk research, including competitor and customer analysis, we then carried out a complete communications audit to identify weaknesses and strengths across the London rebel communications channels.

It was clear that London Rebel needed a brand that would stand out in the crowded ladies’ shoe market. We created the “Live Rebel” narrative that infuses a unique personality into their communications. This will help them maintain consistency and coherence across their all of their brand communications, including social media – a key channel for them.


We developed the ‘live rebel’ narrative, clearly taking the brand name and building a whole ecosystem around it to infuse a unique personality across all of their communications – correlating their narrative with the brand name will help the internal team to maintain consistency and coherence across their complete brand communications.


By creating a brand playbook, the CMG team ensured that London Rebel has a clear strategy for communicating their brand to the world, ensuring consistency across all channels and demonstrating their differentiation and distinctiveness in the market as they continue to build its brand.


The final brand playbook includes the mission statement built upon the “Live Rebel” narrative, that we created for the brand – this clearly helps define London Rebel’s purpose and values for all stakeholders. The brand playbook also establishes clear guidelines for maintaining and building upon the tone of voice and content creation, ensuring that the brand’s messaging is consistent and on-brand across all channels and external creators.

Once we established the brand narrative and delivered the brand playbook and guidelines we then worked closely with London Rebel on creating a clear sales funnel strategy with a keen focus on building customer loyalty. By understanding the different stages of their sales funnels, we developed strategies to attract new customers, convert leads into customers, and retain existing customers.

The result is a brand that is both distinctive and engaging, with a clear path to sales growth.

Following our initial onboarding meetings with the London Rebel teams, we promptly scheduled the first “Brand Lab” discovery workshop to collaborate more closely with Dom and extract their aspirations and objectives for the future of the London Rebel Brand.

We wanted to know what he was expecting from our partnership as well as understand what he wanted to achieve with his career. 

We ensure that our Brand Lab workshops create a relaxed and open environment for gathering information from clients, we create an open and collaborative environment where the client feels at ease to openly discuss ideas. We involve team members from every part of the business, ensuring a complete focus on the client’s needs. 


Thanks to these meetings throughout the process, we established London Rebel’s brand identity, market positioning, and content creation and messaging framework. 


After comprehensive research on the target audience and competition, we worked to create visually appealing, informative, and engaging social media content. We worked closely with the in-house creative team, providing comprehensive briefs, to ensure all content was on-brand and aligned with marketing and business goals. 


The Outcome

We were thrilled to work with London Rebel to create a brand playbook, TOV guidelines, social media content, and assist them to develop their sales funnels.

We developed a brand playbook including mission, vision, values, and tone of voice. We created TOV guidelines for consistency and collaborated with them to create engaging social media content using humor, storytelling, and visuals.

Finally, we developed sales funnels for the brand. These funnels helped London Rebel to attract new customers, convert leads into customers, and retain existing customers.

Our goal was to reflect the brand’s rebellious spirit and appeal to its target audience. The result was increased sales and a more recognisable and respected brand.

Our Work